Address for professional dog training

Address for professional dog training

Trung Duc is a dog training unit with many years of experience. Specialize in training different breeds of dogs and especially aggressive dogs like Becgie or Rottweiler.

The wrestling facilities are full, the training space is large. There is separate dining and resting space. At the center you will be completely assured because your dog will be cared for properly.

At the Dog Center, your dog will not only be gentle but also obediently follow these steps:

– Follow the commands: stand, lie, crawl, sit, shake hands …

– Know the evil of the home, attack the thief, do not allow strangers to enter

– Do not disregard foods other than foods given by you.

– And perform many other exercises.

Please contact Trung Duc Dog Training Center via Hotline: 0965.898.285 for more details on this course.

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